Top 10 Things to Look Forward to at Sitka

1-Theme Month Challenges– our students love these! We have new and inspiring practice incentives in store for you this year.

2- Our fabulous, enthusiastic and intuitive teachers. They’re excited to see you again, and our new teachers can’t wait to meet you!

3-New Leadsheet this September- it’s a surprise!

4- Did you know that we now offer Violin lessons? We are thrilled to offer both violin and fiddle this year. Sign up now!

5-Guitar Sing and Play lessons are also now available! (must have previous basic guitar skills)

6- Composing- our students use their musical knowledge to learn how to compose their own songs!

7-Wunderkeys lessons for Preschoolers. We are proud to be the only music school in the South Cowichan Valley that offers this fun and engaging program for preschoolers. Give your child a head start in Music, Math, and Life.

8- iRock students of the month/ composer of the month/ student of the month. Could it be you???!

9- Recitals- Your time to shine! (Held twice a year)

10-My First Gig- back by popular demand! The perfect way for our students to bring their music into the community in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. Nominated students are invited to play their music in a coffee shop setting to experience what “My First Gig” is all about!