Practice is FUN!

We’re off to a excellent start to lessons this year! 

But first- Last year was jam packed with great memories of making learning fun, I just had to share with you a few of our much-loved and anticipated studio wide activities from our previous school year.

Our studio wide Practice Challenges bring our little music community together and inspire our students to rock out in their practicing! These 4 weeks of creatively fun practice incentives throughout the year encourage our students to incorporate regular home practice long after these challenged have been completed.


ARRR YA READY?!!  Our first Theme month was all about Pirates! It was a huge hit as students mixed up their practice routine with some cutting edge techniques to earn their very own “pirate gold”! And to find their buried treasure. Our other WILD WEST Challenge was a race to the finish to clear our names from the “Wild West Wanted List”!  And our latest “There’s An App For That” Challenge was a favourite too. Students earned Apps for their Music Phones by completed activities of all things musical- practicing (of course!), theory, composing, performing~ it was the perfect way to prepare for our end of year recital.

Our teachers had just as much fun (if not more!) with these Theme Months too! Seeing our students blossom through amazing progress that is inspired by these Challenges is pretty much the best thing ever. Proving that yes, practice is fun!