Bringing Music Into Our Community

This past Summer, 2015, our music school took part in our local Community’s 39 Days of July Music Festival in the Cowichan Valley. Our student performers and us teachers were all so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this local Festival! The 39 Days of July is a celebration of all kinds of music, dance and art forms in our community. The amazing volunteers who make this event happen are just the coolest people! -Thank you again guys!

Everything from solo music to big bands, young musicians to well seasoned, art in all forms of dance, and even poetry readings- there was something for everyone! And this was the perfect opportunity for our students to bring their music into our community and experience performing in a real life setting. One of our special events we call “My First Gig” was on stage at the Summer Festival featuring Hanne, Jenna, Daniel, Colton, Hana, and Emily. This musical afternoon was a mix of piano, guitar, and singing. From popular, jazz and classical music it was such an honour to see our students shine!


We also had our group of summer campers perform their end of week finale show at the event as well! A mix of singing, dancing, and acting, they had a blast and you could totally see it on their faces when they performed their musical numbers on stage! Such an awesome time of celebrating music and making great memories for all.


We’re looking forward to more performing opportunities in this year ahead!